Sucks Jayapura peeps!


Hallo reader!!!
It’s very long time since I stop blogging for my examination
Alrite, stop the bullshit now
I write this blog soon after I accompany my friend tou buy her new shoes
I passed an alley in jayapura which is full with seller and peeps who maybe only sightseeing or wanna buy something.
Then, I meet this stupid woman who blocked my way
she talked with her friend and amazingly she’s an adult who bring a child with her
She’s too fat and big!!!!!
Imagine it reader how I really angry when this happened
It’s a small alley with tons of peeps there
When I passed her I said “duh, ni jalan umum, bkn ko puny saja” (in English “ huh, it’s everyone alley, not only yours”)
I totally disappointed with people here now
They don’t have what I say BEHAVIOUR!!!!!!!
Alrite, I think that’s all my thoughts today
Hope can give you my other thoughts soon
Bye reader!!!!
Virgina Howard

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